About The Shepherd

A short Christmas ghost story in the tradition of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

The Book



The Shepherd tells the story of Mariah Langer. It is a complimentary book to Silent Stars and allows you to get to know Mariah and her background.

Haunted by recurring dreams of two young girls from the past, Chicago author Mariah Langer struggles to understand if the girls and the images of their lives are meant to tell her something. When she discovers that the place she has dreamed of actually exists, she abandons her life to move to the strangely familiar mountain town.

Trapped in her new hometown in a snowstorm just before Christmas, Mariah begins piecing together clues to about her parents’ mysterious past and the extended family she has longed for.

The promise of Christmas and the power of family will leave the reader believing that we are all destined to be.

If you want to feel satisfied about knowing the whole story, please contact the author directly for copies of this book.

Silent Stars Book Cover-A Christmas Tale