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A short Christmas ghost story in the tradition of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

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The first time the woman saw her was just before Christmas as she drove to the family cabin – a strangely familiar teenage girl with a lantern to light her path through the growing snowstorm. The gentle hand of this mysterious visitor guides the narrator on a seemingly impossible quest to discover the long-buried secrets that have impacted her family across generations. In a snowbound cabin, alone on the longest night of the year, one woman uncovers a mystery that will carry readers along on an ultimately joyful tale of the enduring bonds of family and the healing of past heartache.

Experience the hope that each of us wants to feel at Christmas in this contemporary holiday tale that is certain to be a family favorite for years to come.

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It shouldn’t have been dark. But it almost was, with the storm so close about the town. Later, as I searched my memory for all the details of that day, I realized how unusually dark it had been.

It was a few days before Christmas, and I was driving through the mountain passes to our family’s cabin. The forecast had called for overcast skies and an inch or two of snow, but as I came over the last rise above the scenic valley, an unexpected sight met my eyes: a thick body of clouds, a dark, nearly black storm centered over the town.

Silent Stars Book Cover-A Christmas Tale

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