Christmas Stories


Telling stories at Christmastime was one of the most popular holiday practices in Victorian England. Set in the mountains, Joan Boren’s Silent Stars is a family-friendly update in the tradition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Silent Stars sets up several mysteries: is the narrator dreaming, or are the events she experiences real? Where is the dividing line between our pasts and our presents? And how do we distinguish between our selves and our place within our families?

Kristina Brooks, Ph.D., Claremont, CA

Joan weaves the past and present into a beautiful Christmas story that will captivate your heart. A perfect gift for the holidays!

I purchased “Silent Stars” for my 13 year old, and she liked it so much, I read it myself. The story is about a woman’s solo night in her family’s mountain cabin where she uncovers secrets from generations past. I enjoyed trying to unravel the mystery as the clues were revealed. It is a thoughtful and well-written book, making it easy to believe that an extraordinary experience could happen to an ordinary person. The strong themes of family and love resonated with me. I enjoyed feeling the spirit of the Christmas season permeate the story, and I highly recommend this book for any time of the year!

Your book has opened my heart to seeking the Spirit in finding the lost ones in my genealogy line. You write so descriptively and I hope you will continue to write more beautiful stories.

Fran Christensen, Utah

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